Founded in 1997, President Glenn German began as a one-man operation building roof-trusses in Airdrie. Focused on customer service, sales quickly took off and the operation grew adding employees and a new workshop.  In 2005 Jaspal Bhandal became Vice President bringing with him his leadership and production expertise, fostering its growth into Red Deer, Leduc, Stoney Plain, Saskatoon, a Multi-Family/Commercial division in Calgary, and even into Phoenix.

They have remained committed to their core values and engage in meaningful relationships within the communities they serve. They work with a variety of charity initiatives and professional membership organizations, and we are thrilled that they chose to help us in our time of need! As every mom knows, it takes a village to raise a family, and we are very thankful to have ZyTech in our village.

Norm Mross from ZyTech took a moment to chat with us about why their company remains focused on supporting the communities they operate in, as well as what drew them to our project.

“Zytech understands the importance of supporting a variety of initiative’s within the communities we serve, our focus remains on the youth of today. We know that enriching the lives of young people in meaningful ways demonstrates and develops a value system that is essential for shaping he next generation of adults.    Many of our staff live in Airdrie, in fact some have watched both Kadence and Addison grow from babies into preteens. From blowing out candles on their first birthday cake to riding bikes. We were made aware that many more simple life experiences that we take for granted may be taken away or lost. We cannot change the reality that has been dealt, however we can assist in helping the family face the challenges that are ahead of them.”

They’ve also jumped on the challenge bandwagon, and encourage businesses with the means to help to step it up and do so!


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