Owned and operated by Jennifer Taylor, NuVo Interior Design is one of Calgary’s finest. Since 2006, their primary focus has been on new construction and renovations, with some attention to commercial projects. Jennifer is meticulous about her work, is recognized for her extremely close attention to detail and has even picked up a few SAM awards along the way. Working closely with her clients, Jennifer continually urges them to broaden their imagination and think `out of the box’.
We are very fortunate for the time and expertise that Jennifer has dedicated to our project, which she graciously donated 100% to us. She has created such a truly beautiful, inviting and awe-inspiring space for Shanna, Kadence & Addy. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little jealous of how beautiful it is! But, at the end of it all, they deserve every square foot of it.  Looking past all of the shiny and well designed details is a home that is both safe and 100% wheelchair accessible for the girls to live an independent life, which is what this project was all about.
When asked about how she learned of the project, and what her journey has been like Jennifer’s response was “It’s been such a fulfilling experience being able to help with Shanna’s project. My initial knowledge of the project was through Rockcreek Builders approaching me, to see if I’d like to get involved.  Of course it was something I couldn’t pass up –  more than happy to have a small part in creating a beautiful space for Shanna and the girls to live in and enjoy comfortably.”
She’s being quite modest, as her role was no small contribution.
Thank you Jennifer, we couldn’t have gotten here without you.

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