You guys…

What a difference a week can make! Can Airdrie reclaim the title as “Alberta’s Friendliest City” or better yet “Alberta’s most generous city”?!

Last week I sat at my desk feeling nervous about this huge project we had all taken on. Can we actually pull this off? Can we create a safe and accessible home for two deserving girls with next to no budget. I knew that our hearts were in the right place. But did anyone else believe?

Turns out they did – and they do!

Your actions speak louder than any words (and by words I mean Facebook likes and shares). You continue to prove to us that you are behind this project – and more importantly that you want to provide a full and safe life for Kadence and Addison.

In the past week, our little group aided by Airdrie Angel and assisted by Brent Fraser of Rock Creek Builders has received an outpouring of support to provide a safe and accessible home for Kadence and Addison. While the list is long (and getting longer) I wanted to give a shout out to those that have helped us prepare for possession date:

Big Bear Tech – Dan provided architectural drawings and assisted with permits for the project

The Carre Group of RE/MAX Rocky View – Matt Carre searched for and found the home. Then wiaved the real estate fees.

Rock Creek Builders – Brent Fraser has been providing contracting services and will continue to oversee the project as we move forward. At no charge!

Airdrie Angel – keeping our group organized and focused and putting us in contact with many bighearted Airdrie locals.

Anonymous donor (you know who you are) – purchased the home and will be carrying the mortgage until it can be assumed by Shanna when her house sells.

Bridget Brown – for putting together an amazing video and helping with media coverage.

Edelman Calgary – providing Public Relations guidance.

Dave Wilkinson – website design and management.


City of Airdrie – assisting with permits.

And this is just the beginning! The list of trades who are going above and beyond for this project is at least twice as long and you will hear about each and every one of them as we move forward with the build. Stay tuned and please support your talented local trades people – they have huge hearts!

Now, how can you help:

  • Share this post – the more people we tell, the more likely we are to be successful.
  • Watch for upcoming posts. We will be placing a call for vendors we still need. (ahem, anyone know a drywaller? A framing company?)
  • Use these vendors. Use them often. And maybe even given them a big ol’ smooch.

The countdown is on – only 10 days until construction (or destruction) begins.

To donate house products or services, email To donate, visit our GoFundMe page.

Tanya Sitter


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