Founded in 2006 by Kobi Elhanti and Ly Soklieng, Silkstone & Granite was founded on the principles of quality service and craftsmanship. Specializing in Kitchens, Bathrooms & Fireplaces they supply an extensive selection of best-in-quality Granite & Quartz. Simply put they provide quality workmanship, with an incredible selection of quality products.


Silkstone & Granite graciously donated all of the countertops and installation for the Kitchen & Bathrooms in Shanna’s new home.
We spoke with Laurie from Silkstone & Granite to get the low down on how they heard about our project, and why they chose to contribute to it – here’s what she had to say.
“I heard about this project by happenstance. Rock Creek Builders is putting up a new house right around the corner from me. I thought I would see who they were and wound up talking to Brent and his involvement in the house for Shanna. I believe that being a good corporate citizen should always include a true ‘giving back to the community’ culture. And this project just seemed like such a good thing to help out with. I have 3 healthy children and raising them has been enough of a challenge. I can’t imagine the challenge Shanna and the kids are facing. And as it turned out, there wasn’t any company that was offering to supply the quartz counters, so I gladly stepped in and offered this up.”
We couldn’t be more thankful for your serendipitous run-in with Brent, your view on community culture, and your immediate response to provide and install the countertops.

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