Budget Blinds Make A Big Impact!

Budget Blinds Make A Big Impact!

Budget Blinds Airdrie has a history of strong community support. The company supports Airdrie Angels, Airdrie Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity and Community Links.

When they heard about the I’m Possible project they knew they needed to add another cause to this list.

Mandy Lines owns the company with her husband Kari. Mandy says Budget Blinds Airdrie was happy to step up the plate, and it was a personal reason that motivated them to do so.

“We have three daughters and are fully aware that our health is a day to day blessing, and that anything can change at anytime. We are happy to show our support to another Airdrie family who is undergoing some major health challenges.”

Budget Blinds Airdrie will be providing all custom window blinds for the new home. An in-home consultation from a Budget Blinds style consultant will ensure the correct look and fit for the new window coverings. Once ordered the blinds will be professionally installed.

Thank you Mandy & Kari for your generous support.

Be sure to support these local Airdrie businesses who have made significant contributions to make our project possible.

Visit Budget Blinds online at http://www.budgetblinds.com/Airdrie/ or stop in to their showroom at 303 – 2903 Kingsview Blvd SE, Airdrie.



Arkton Steel -Bringing Us Closer to Completion!

Arkton Steel -Bringing Us Closer to Completion!

Among our list of Superheroes is Arkton Steel, a company based out of Crossfield, Alberta that specializes in pre-engineered building systems and structural component manufacturing. They supply high quality, cost-effective easy to assemble buildings for agricultural, commercial or industrial use. Arkton Steel is committed to quality and customer service.

The company has a history of helping people achieve their goals; in the past they have often given their own employees a helping hand when needed. Co-Owner Mark Sitter said the company wanted to help out the I’m Possible project because they have known the family for a long time.

Initially, Sitter was not sure how Arkton Steel could help – the company deals more in commercial steel buildings.

“We decided to donate cash to help pay any upcoming invoices. We believe in helping others achieve goals. We are just going to help make it easier for their family.”

Arkton Steel encourages other companies to make cash donations.

“No matter what your business is, there is always something you can do to help. If you’re feeling you want to step up to the plate, just make contact and ask what is needed.”

This money will go a long way in ensuring the house project can keep moving forward.

Be sure to check them out at www.arkton.ca and give them a ring if you’re in the market for a new building!

Casa Flores Cabinetry Get Things Done

Casa Flores Cabinetry Get Things Done

Casa Flores is a locally-owned, family-run company located in Calgary, Alberta. We have been in business since 2006, when Humberto Flores, an experienced cabinetmaker, joined forces with his wife, Jolanda Slagmolen-Flores, AKBD, a successful Kitchen Designer. Together they knew they could offer high-quality products uniquely tailored to their clients’ individual needs. Over the past ten years, they have built a strong team of designers and cabinetmakers, and a reputation for customer service and quality.

Casa Flores Cabinetry is a Calgary company that provides high-quality cabinetry for clients. The husband and wife operated business strives to offer unique solutions to client needs. They have made the very generous donation to build and install all of the cabinetry in the I’m Possible house.

Co-Owner and General Manager, Jolanda Slagomolen-Flores tells her story of how they became involved with the project.

“I saw some of the media coverage back in December and as a mother I was immediately touched by the story. We all want the best for our kids, and I really felt for Shanna and the girls, and the challenges that they were going to be facing. As a company involved in the renovation industry, I knew that we could do something to help, so I immediately emailed to offer assistance.

Initially, I didn’t think that it would be possible for us to make such a large donation. I thought that perhaps we could donate some of the cabinets if we could get the materials donated. However when I approached our suppliers they came back saying they would donate all of the materials! I was truly overwhelmed by the response.

Our staff was eager to take this on as a team project. Jennifer Rayner, one of our designers, volunteered her time to design the kitchen. She made it a personal concern that Kadence and Addy be able to be as independent as possible in their own home. Our shop staff then volunteered countless hours to cut all the parts. Recently, our whole team spent the day putting all of the cabinet boxes together.”

The following businesses helped Casa Flores make this possible:

Multiwood – donated all cabinet doors (and they, in turn, got the materials donated by their supplier, McKillican)

Formations – donated all materials for the cabinet boxes (and they also split the donation with their supplier – Specialty Laminates)

Marathon Hardware – donated all drawer slides and handles

Jeco Finishing – donated the cabinet staining/painting. Their staff also volunteered their time to make this happen, with all paint and stain donated by E. Roko Distributors.

“Thanks to the small efforts of many people we were able to make a substantial donation,” says Slagomolen-Flores. “I think that speaks to society as a whole – if everyone gives a little you can get a whole lot done. It’s impossible to estimate the time spent on this project, but it has definitely been significant. I think everyone was touched by Shanna, Kadence, and Addy’s story. Everyone wanted to contribute to ensuring that they would have the best possible future.”

Be sure to check Casa Flores out first if you have a kitchen, bathroom or even office renovation in your future. They’re amazing people, and incredibly great to work with. www.casaflores.ca

Special Thanks to ZyTech Building Systems

Special Thanks to ZyTech Building Systems

Founded in 1997, President Glenn German began as a one-man operation building roof-trusses in Airdrie. Focused on customer service, sales quickly took off and the operation grew adding employees and a new workshop.  In 2005 Jaspal Bhandal became Vice President bringing with him his leadership and production expertise, fostering its growth into Red Deer, Leduc, Stoney Plain, Saskatoon, a Multi-Family/Commercial division in Calgary, and even into Phoenix.

They have remained committed to their core values and engage in meaningful relationships within the communities they serve. They work with a variety of charity initiatives and professional membership organizations, and we are thrilled that they chose to help us in our time of need! As every mom knows, it takes a village to raise a family, and we are very thankful to have ZyTech in our village.

Norm Mross from ZyTech took a moment to chat with us about why their company remains focused on supporting the communities they operate in, as well as what drew them to our project.

“Zytech understands the importance of supporting a variety of initiative’s within the communities we serve, our focus remains on the youth of today. We know that enriching the lives of young people in meaningful ways demonstrates and develops a value system that is essential for shaping he next generation of adults.    Many of our staff live in Airdrie, in fact some have watched both Kadence and Addison grow from babies into preteens. From blowing out candles on their first birthday cake to riding bikes. We were made aware that many more simple life experiences that we take for granted may be taken away or lost. We cannot change the reality that has been dealt, however we can assist in helping the family face the challenges that are ahead of them.”

They’ve also jumped on the challenge bandwagon, and encourage businesses with the means to help to step it up and do so!

Superheroes Among Us

Superheroes Among Us

It’s no secret that our little committee dove in head first on a very large project. We also began with a bank account that contained a mere fraction of what was required to pull it off. Are we crazy? Maybe. But the fact remains that Kadence & Addison need this home, and to be frank they needed it 6 months ago. Instead of focusing on the obstacles we’ve encountered we stay focused on finding solutions. Most of our solutions have come to us in the form of businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses with big hearts and community spirit wired in their soul.

They’ve also raised the bar by throwing out a challenge to other businesses to jump on the bandwagon! Our possession date is fast-approaching, (August – yikes!) and we still need a handful of large-ticket items to complete this. We are very welcoming of any company, of any size to come forward and support us to the finish line.

As you can only imagine the cost of raising two children with special needs is significant. Please know that our efforts (combined with your contributions) are to prevent handing Shanna the keys to a new home with a mortgage larger than the one she is already managing.

As for our big-hearted supporters, we’ll be profiling them in more detail over the next few weeks. In the meantime here’s a little introduction to the companies who have helped us turn the word IMPOSSIBLE into I’m Possible.

Rock Creek Builders – Donated General Contracting, overseeing the entire project. As an added bonus Brent’s daughter also makes cookies for the volunteer tradespeople.

ZyTech Building Systems – Donated the lumber to execute the interior framing and building of exterior wheelchair ramps.

Arkton Steel – Made a substantial cash donation that has enabled us to hire contractors and purchase materials for the projects that we weren’t able to source donations for.

Casa Flores Cabinetry – Donating kitchen cabinetry and Jolanda has hustled countless hours of her time to source additional materials to make the kitchen a reality.

Jeco Finishing – One of the companies working with Casa Flores Cabinetry, donating the Cabinet Finishing Materials and labour to put it in place.

Trecc Electric – Donated a crew of 33 electricians, who tackled the wiring of the entire home in 3 hours! A job they said would have taken 3 days. That’s the power of 3 coming full circle for the family of 3 that will be moving in shortly.

Divine Flooring – Donated all vinyl flooring and completing the installation.

Buell Exteriors – Donated materials and manpower to update the exterior.*

Convoy Supply – Donated materials and manpower to update the exterior.*

Product Solutions – Complete home automation.*

Adera Technologies – Complete home automation.*

Rider Drywall – Donated the insulation and vapor barrier.

Modus – Donated all drywall, and waived delivery fees too.

McKee Homes – Donating all appliances.

Nuvo Interiors – Donated complete interior design services, including the management of making all selections.

Daisies & Dragonflies – Donating the landscaping.

*You read that right – we have multiple companies working together to complete the same task. Heroes work together!