Casa Flores is a locally-owned, family-run company located in Calgary, Alberta. We have been in business since 2006, when Humberto Flores, an experienced cabinetmaker, joined forces with his wife, Jolanda Slagmolen-Flores, AKBD, a successful Kitchen Designer. Together they knew they could offer high-quality products uniquely tailored to their clients’ individual needs. Over the past ten years, they have built a strong team of designers and cabinetmakers, and a reputation for customer service and quality.

Casa Flores Cabinetry is a Calgary company that provides high-quality cabinetry for clients. The husband and wife operated business strives to offer unique solutions to client needs. They have made the very generous donation to build and install all of the cabinetry in the I’m Possible house.

Co-Owner and General Manager, Jolanda Slagomolen-Flores tells her story of how they became involved with the project.

“I saw some of the media coverage back in December and as a mother I was immediately touched by the story. We all want the best for our kids, and I really felt for Shanna and the girls, and the challenges that they were going to be facing. As a company involved in the renovation industry, I knew that we could do something to help, so I immediately emailed to offer assistance.

Initially, I didn’t think that it would be possible for us to make such a large donation. I thought that perhaps we could donate some of the cabinets if we could get the materials donated. However when I approached our suppliers they came back saying they would donate all of the materials! I was truly overwhelmed by the response.

Our staff was eager to take this on as a team project. Jennifer Rayner, one of our designers, volunteered her time to design the kitchen. She made it a personal concern that Kadence and Addy be able to be as independent as possible in their own home. Our shop staff then volunteered countless hours to cut all the parts. Recently, our whole team spent the day putting all of the cabinet boxes together.”

The following businesses helped Casa Flores make this possible:

Multiwood – donated all cabinet doors (and they, in turn, got the materials donated by their supplier, McKillican)

Formations – donated all materials for the cabinet boxes (and they also split the donation with their supplier – Specialty Laminates)

Marathon Hardware – donated all drawer slides and handles

Jeco Finishing – donated the cabinet staining/painting. Their staff also volunteered their time to make this happen, with all paint and stain donated by E. Roko Distributors.

“Thanks to the small efforts of many people we were able to make a substantial donation,” says Slagomolen-Flores. “I think that speaks to society as a whole – if everyone gives a little you can get a whole lot done. It’s impossible to estimate the time spent on this project, but it has definitely been significant. I think everyone was touched by Shanna, Kadence, and Addy’s story. Everyone wanted to contribute to ensuring that they would have the best possible future.”

Be sure to check Casa Flores out first if you have a kitchen, bathroom or even office renovation in your future. They’re amazing people, and incredibly great to work with.


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