Angels in Airdrie

Angels in Airdrie

Behind every great man is a great woman.

A statement that could not be truer for Airdrie Angel founders Matt & Michelle Carre. It’s no secret that Matt Carre, our 2016 recipient for The Soul of Airdrie award, has a huge heart and great vision. A vision that could not have seen our project through without the heart, grace, charisma and mad organizational skills of his wife Michelle. She worked faithfully to keep our group on track and to remain focused on the task at hand.

Michelle, there are no words to thank you for what you contributed to this. You didn’t even know Shanna when this project was just a twinkle in our eyes.

A little backstory about our wee group that kicked this off – we initially started out to simply help with meals, drive the girls to and from appointments, and to raise money to both offset additional health care costs and help Shanna cover the loss of income for the amount of time she had to take off work to get the girls to these appointments. One of our group members has joked that we got ourselves into this massive undertaking (of building a house) through a combination of love and stupidity. For our group that love has been growing for Shanna over the last 20+ years. For Michelle, she simply dove in head first because she knew it was the right thing to do. She utilized her own connections and colleagues to help us reach the finish line, and simply went above and beyond what anyone expected from her. Because she knew it was the right thing to do. Michelle, we need more of you in this world.

I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say that I am very thankful to have met you, to have you in my life now, and to call you a friend. I realize this project is wrapped, but unfortunately for you, you’re not getting rid of us that easily!

-Laurena xox



A Chance Occurrence with Countertops

A Chance Occurrence with Countertops

Founded in 2006 by Kobi Elhanti and Ly Soklieng, Silkstone & Granite was founded on the principles of quality service and craftsmanship. Specializing in Kitchens, Bathrooms & Fireplaces they supply an extensive selection of best-in-quality Granite & Quartz. Simply put they provide quality workmanship, with an incredible selection of quality products.


Silkstone & Granite graciously donated all of the countertops and installation for the Kitchen & Bathrooms in Shanna’s new home.
We spoke with Laurie from Silkstone & Granite to get the low down on how they heard about our project, and why they chose to contribute to it – here’s what she had to say.
“I heard about this project by happenstance. Rock Creek Builders is putting up a new house right around the corner from me. I thought I would see who they were and wound up talking to Brent and his involvement in the house for Shanna. I believe that being a good corporate citizen should always include a true ‘giving back to the community’ culture. And this project just seemed like such a good thing to help out with. I have 3 healthy children and raising them has been enough of a challenge. I can’t imagine the challenge Shanna and the kids are facing. And as it turned out, there wasn’t any company that was offering to supply the quartz counters, so I gladly stepped in and offered this up.”
We couldn’t be more thankful for your serendipitous run-in with Brent, your view on community culture, and your immediate response to provide and install the countertops.

Break on me

Break on me

You guys – It’s almost time! It’s hard to describe the emotions that we are all feeling but in a few short days, we will (finally!) reveal the new home to Shanna, Kadence and Addison.  It has been exciting. Heartbreaking. Cheerful. Tearful.

Needless to say, the last 109 days have been intense.

But what is even more intense, is the love between a small group of friends.

Last fall, Shanna’s highschool Besties basically called a meeting. They knew their friend needed help so they sat down and organized how to tackle this. They talked about food, babysitters, etc.

But then it escalated and here we are about to reveal a whole friggen house!

In an earlier post, I described them as the kind of women that Make. Shit. Happen. But… we’re talking about what is up to $350,000 in house upgrades through fundraisers, grants and vendor donations.

While they do not want any special recognition, I need to tell the world about this unbelievable group of gals:

Shauna Wilkinson – The level headed leader. A powerful presence and true mentor. She has the ability to source anything, making the right connections along the way and ultimately bring it to life. She’s also among the most generous, approachable and well put together ladies you could ever meet.

Laurena Pollock – The everyday angel. Laurena is such a hard working mama that juggles running a business with her husband, multiple volunteer commitments, and her family in a graceful and happy manner.

Meaghan Kernaghan -If you looked up community spirit in the dictionary, Meaghan’s face would be there. She somehow makes time volunteering on multiple committees in Airdrie, while working full-time and balancing her family life.

Tanya Sitter – the #bossbabe. Watch out. When Tanya sets her mind to something it will happen. She managed the vendors and the home construction. But behind that that determined exterior is a softy that bulldozes (literally?) in the name of one of her best friends. I don’t even think anyone has invented the words to describe her generosity.

People say that “everything in life happens for a reason”. I hate that saying. What I do believe is that someone up-high handpicked this specific group of girls to manage life alongside my sister.

Through highs and lows – and their own very busy lives – they continue to plug along and meet every two weeks and ensure that, when needed, Shanna and the girls get the assistance they require.

Today is my younger sisters wedding. So while our family and friends celebrate, there is a team of people ensuring that this house is everything Shanna and the girls dreamed of. We are so thankful to have these people in our lives and don’t know what would happen without them.

Amanda Balint

Warm Hearts Deliver Warm Spaces

Warm Hearts Deliver Warm Spaces
Owned and operated by Jennifer Taylor, NuVo Interior Design is one of Calgary’s finest. Since 2006, their primary focus has been on new construction and renovations, with some attention to commercial projects. Jennifer is meticulous about her work, is recognized for her extremely close attention to detail and has even picked up a few SAM awards along the way. Working closely with her clients, Jennifer continually urges them to broaden their imagination and think `out of the box’.
We are very fortunate for the time and expertise that Jennifer has dedicated to our project, which she graciously donated 100% to us. She has created such a truly beautiful, inviting and awe-inspiring space for Shanna, Kadence & Addy. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little jealous of how beautiful it is! But, at the end of it all, they deserve every square foot of it.  Looking past all of the shiny and well designed details is a home that is both safe and 100% wheelchair accessible for the girls to live an independent life, which is what this project was all about.
When asked about how she learned of the project, and what her journey has been like Jennifer’s response was “It’s been such a fulfilling experience being able to help with Shanna’s project. My initial knowledge of the project was through Rockcreek Builders approaching me, to see if I’d like to get involved.  Of course it was something I couldn’t pass up –  more than happy to have a small part in creating a beautiful space for Shanna and the girls to live in and enjoy comfortably.”
She’s being quite modest, as her role was no small contribution.
Thank you Jennifer, we couldn’t have gotten here without you.

The Real Property Report of a Golden Heart

The Real Property Report of a Golden Heart

This roller-coaster journey that brought a community together is officially in the preliminary stages of wrapping up. However, we still have so many golden hearts to mention and thank. One in particular is Jari Matejko of AB Surveys Ltd.

Jari did the RPR for Shanna’s old home, when the listing went live. He even paid for the compliance stamp with the city out of his own pocket. Michelle from Airdrie Angel spoke with Jari about what compelled him to generously donate this to us.

It turns out Jari’s 15-year-old son has a condition where his esophagus seizes, and he can’t breathe. They have been through exhaustive testing and are still left without answers. It is because of this that he completely understood what Shanna has gone through, trying to find answers about what was going on with the girls. He said their situation is not nearly as bad as what Shanna & the girls have gone through and are now managing, but he completely understands the helplessness that you feel as a parent when you don’t know how to help your child.

Jari, from the bottom of our hearts we Thank You for being part of our story, and journey to give the girls a safe new home. We also hope that you & your family soon find the right answers for your son’s health.