This roller-coaster journey that brought a community together is officially in the preliminary stages of wrapping up. However, we still have so many golden hearts to mention and thank. One in particular is Jari Matejko of AB Surveys Ltd.

Jari did the RPR for Shanna’s old home, when the listing went live. He even paid for the compliance stamp with the city out of his own pocket. Michelle from Airdrie Angel spoke with Jari about what compelled him to generously donate this to us.

It turns out Jari’s 15-year-old son has a condition where his esophagus seizes, and he can’t breathe. They have been through exhaustive testing and are still left without answers. It is because of this that he completely understood what Shanna has gone through, trying to find answers about what was going on with the girls. He said their situation is not nearly as bad as what Shanna & the girls have gone through and are now managing, but he completely understands the helplessness that you feel as a parent when you don’t know how to help your child.

Jari, from the bottom of our hearts we Thank You for being part of our story, and journey to give the girls a safe new home. We also hope that you & your family soon find the right answers for your son’s health.

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