You guys – It’s almost time! It’s hard to describe the emotions that we are all feeling but in a few short days, we will (finally!) reveal the new home to Shanna, Kadence and Addison.  It has been exciting. Heartbreaking. Cheerful. Tearful.

Needless to say, the last 109 days have been intense.

But what is even more intense, is the love between a small group of friends.

Last fall, Shanna’s highschool Besties basically called a meeting. They knew their friend needed help so they sat down and organized how to tackle this. They talked about food, babysitters, etc.

But then it escalated and here we are about to reveal a whole friggen house!

In an earlier post, I described them as the kind of women that Make. Shit. Happen. But… we’re talking about what is up to $350,000 in house upgrades through fundraisers, grants and vendor donations.

While they do not want any special recognition, I need to tell the world about this unbelievable group of gals:

Shauna Wilkinson – The level headed leader. A powerful presence and true mentor. She has the ability to source anything, making the right connections along the way and ultimately bring it to life. She’s also among the most generous, approachable and well put together ladies you could ever meet.

Laurena Pollock – The everyday angel. Laurena is such a hard working mama that juggles running a business with her husband, multiple volunteer commitments, and her family in a graceful and happy manner.

Meaghan Kernaghan -If you looked up community spirit in the dictionary, Meaghan’s face would be there. She somehow makes time volunteering on multiple committees in Airdrie, while working full-time and balancing her family life.

Tanya Sitter – the #bossbabe. Watch out. When Tanya sets her mind to something it will happen. She managed the vendors and the home construction. But behind that that determined exterior is a softy that bulldozes (literally?) in the name of one of her best friends. I don’t even think anyone has invented the words to describe her generosity.

People say that “everything in life happens for a reason”. I hate that saying. What I do believe is that someone up-high handpicked this specific group of girls to manage life alongside my sister.

Through highs and lows – and their own very busy lives – they continue to plug along and meet every two weeks and ensure that, when needed, Shanna and the girls get the assistance they require.

Today is my younger sisters wedding. So while our family and friends celebrate, there is a team of people ensuring that this house is everything Shanna and the girls dreamed of. We are so thankful to have these people in our lives and don’t know what would happen without them.

Amanda Balint


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