Two and a half months has gone by . . . Two and a half months since we took possession  Wow! Time flies.

I know that a lot of you have been wondering how things are going and I can’t believe I haven’t had a moment to update everyone.

I would be lying if I told you it has been easy everyday, but the moments of incredible kindness and generosity far outweigh the setbacks and progress is being made at a fast pace. There are so many different steps to renovation and the number of volunteer trades people and donors has already well surpassed 100 and we still have some work to do.

  • Paralizer construction had an extremely efficient and knowledgeable crew come in to complete demo and reframe both floors including prep for the elevator, and a new back deck with ramp . . . it looks great!
  • Steets Mechanical, Iron Eagle Sheet Metal and Trecc Electric made short work of the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical respectively.
  • Buell exteriors took down the old pink siding and replaced it with very modern grey siding supplied entirely by Convoy and the exterior look was spruced up even further with some stone by Summerstone Masonry and a new garage door by City View Doors.
  • Inspections were a breeze as the trades ensured that everything was incredibly professional (thanks everyone)!
  • Insulation by Rider Drywall was next and then drywall supplied by Modus and boarding and taping by Taylormade Drywall, Ken Crossley, and Mark Fowlie.

When I walk in now, it is hard to even picture the old layout and I can’t wait to see Shanna and the girls laughing in their new living room!

The fun stuff, according to Brent . . . and I agree, is on deck next. Ceiling was just textured by Big Al’s and priming/painting was completed by Dave and Mike Bowman – supplied by Cloverdale as well as supplies from Nour.

Martin’s Finishing and Casa Flores cabinets made short work of the cabinets, doors, baseboards and trim. New counters were offered out of the blue by Laurie at Silkstone and Granite Calgary and tiling by Richard Birkman and Aaron Sept – tile supplied by Ceratec.

Flooring is going to be supplied and installed by a huge crew from Divine Flooring. Light fixtures were supplied by Signature Lighting and Carrington Lighting . . . seriously CANNOT wait to see what Jen from Nuvo Designs has picked out!

There are a few other trades that did some work in the past 2 months as well, but if I told you who they were it would ruin some of the amazing surprises this house will have in store for the family . . . no offence but I don’t trust the internet to keep our secrets :).

Stay tuned for the reveal to find out what they are…

Ok I had better stop there before I give away too much. Oooh but not until I mention that Daisies and Dragonflies has big plans for the yard . . .

While I had hope to provide more regular updates it has just been a whirlwind – one that I am privileged to have had a front row seat to witness. Shanna and the girls are some of the most fun and upbeat people despite the adversity they have and will continue to face. Watching our community of friends, family and a ton of strangers come together to help keep them smiling is heart warming. Each and every person who has helped in anyway with this family and this project restores my faith in kindness daily – Thank you sooooo much!

-Tanya Sitter


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