It may be the most common phrase we hear. When friends, family and complete strangers hear about our journey the first thing everyone asks is “How can I help?”

Here is how you can help:

Donate services, gift cards, money. Everything helps. We’re simply working to ensure we can access the resources that our girls need to live as comfortable as possible, and to live a full and happy life.

The costs associated with having two children affected by Freidriech’s Ataxia are overwhelming. The girls need equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, glasses, braces) to be able to do activities that other kids do. They need to participate in activities (such as swimming, equine therapy, yoga) to keep their muscles engaged. They need ongoing therapy, some of them on a weekly basis (physical, massage, swallowing clinics). The eye therapy alone comes with a $2,500 price tag. Per child. Per year. These are all required therapies that the girls need to manage their FA, which are over and above what Alberta Health Care covers.

In addition, we are trying to renovate a house for the girls. A house that they need because their current home is physically unsafe for them and will only get worse as their mobility declines. While we have made progress, we are still so far from achieving our goal.

Nobody likes to ask for help. Especially now, at a time that our province has been hit so hard. But these little girls truly deserve our support. Even if your support means making a phone call to someone you know that may want to provide services or supplies to renovate the new home.

I believe that when times get tough, people shine. You’ve shown us such deep care, compassion and what it means to be a friend. Since the diagnosis last year, there has been an outpouring of support from creative friends with big hearts. The following is a list of fundraisers that have been organized by groups and businesses to support our cause:

Hairbenders Salon – famously kicked off our giving campaign with a cut-a-thon.
The Grundies – a band in Nova Scotia – put together a fundraiser for the girls. Even JD Fortune from INXS popped by to sing a little diddy. (Hint, we may not have not heard the last of the Grundies)
A Beaconsfield, Quebec Slo-pitch team made their wind-up celebration into a fundraiser.
The Chive heard our story and held a YYC Meetup.
The staff at Airdrie Home Depot did employee raffles and a pot luck dinner. Then Home Depot matched employee donations using the “Homer Fund”.
Easy Peasy Meals in Montreal, just wrapped up a fundraiser, donating the proceeds from specific deserts to our cause.
Cusp Dental donated a portion of teeth whitening services to our cause.

Every. Nickel. Counts. Are you part of a small business or group that would like to help? We do still need your support. For help organizing a fundraiser please contact

Lastly, in the case that you simply have a spare $20 (or more!?), our GoFundMe account could use some lovin’. 🙂


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