This weekend was amaze-balls. The house was demo’d by a group of volunteers and it’s ready for Rock Creek Builders to get started. But before we begin, we need to take the time to thank the following folks that got us to this place:

  • Gentlemen Plumbers – First things first. We had to fix up a couple things in Shanna’s current house. These fine Gentlemen (Plumbers) saved the day.
  • Home Alyze – donated a Home Inspection.
  • Brent Fraser w/ Rock Creek Builders – I know, I know. We’ve mentioned them already but seriously, they are managing the entire project.
  • Allan Warnock – Lawyer – waived his fees for the paperwork on the house purchase
  • Jennifer Taylor w/ Nuvo Interiors – Interior Design. (She’s already met with the girls and we’re gonna sum up the style in one word: unicorns.)
  • Airdrie Waste Management – donation of the garbage bins for demo.
  • Graham from Prairie Woodlands – for swiftly removing the trees so we can build our ramps.

    And those that gave up their weekend to donate some good ol’ elbow grease:

Margrete Lambden
Terry Lambden
Mark Sitter
Meaghan Kernaghan
Dave Kernaghan
George Neufeld
Elliot Dorion
Gregg Jones
Ronalee Jones
Laurena Pollock
James Plishka
Michelle Carre
Angie Tennison
Seth Tennison
Simon Benoit
Kris Sitter
Karen Nichol
Dean Nichol
Travis Nichol
Joshua Nichol
Kelly Boudreau
Cory Balint

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. When you are looking these services, please check out these big-hearted folks first.


Amanda Balint



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