It’s time. This is our plea to our Facebook friends and family: We. Need. Help.

You asked what you can do – and here it is. We are searching for the following services for our home renovation.

The outpouring of support from community members has been amazing but now we are looking for folks (with giant hearts) that can offer these specific services.

We need to rally our Facebook troops and search for the following services:

Demolition – we need the house fully demo’d by end of day Sunday April 30th to allow our framing crew to get to work! Done!

Drywallers – we have the supplies but we need skilled women and men to help us drywall the home. (update, you’ve helped find us a couple but we’re looking for one more.)

Appliances – we are looking to speak with any vendor who may be able to assist in providing new appliances for the home.

Granite – we would LOVE to give the gals some nice countertops.

How can you help?

Between this group of 500 friends, we believe we can make this happen. Or, we can convince someone else to make this happen. Please 1) Share this. 2) Email your friends. 3) Call companies you know/have worked with in the past.

Click here for a copy of our donor package, then email with information on what type of services you’re able to offer.

You rule!



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